Over the past two decades or so of building ecommerce websites, our team has refined our build  & launch process to be as seamless as possible.  We’ve created a streamlined, 20-step process to take sites from zero to HERO!

Step 1: Initial Discussion

This is the very first step to any engagement with ECOMM.AGENCY, here we will have a quick discussion via Zoom and cover your where you are currently, what your goals are for the project, etc. This step typically takes 30 – 60 minutes* and you can schedule it here.

Step 2: Discovery

During this step, we learn everything we can about your business and operations, we will also take a look at your existing site (if applicable) and determine what features, integrations, etc. you’ll want on your new site. This step typically takes 1 – 7 days.*

Step 3: Proposal

After we’ve completed the discovery phase, we’ll prepare a detailed proposal that’s specific to your project and goals.  While projects start at $10,000 USD and go up to $150,000 USD or more, our typical ecommerce site with 100 products, several integrations and a data migration from an existing site is around $35,000 USD. This step typically takes 3 – 5 days.*

Step 4: Proposal Accepted

During this step, you would accept and sign the proposal digitally.  You would also pay the initial deposit so that we can get started.

Step 5: Project Kickoff / Client Portal Build

Let’s Go!  Once the proposal has been accepted and the initial deposit received, we will schedule a call with you and/or your team to go over the next steps.  We’ll also begin building out your client portal where you’ll be able to track the project status in real-time as well as communicate with the ECOMM.AGENCY team.  This step typically takes 1 – 3 days.*

Step 6: Sitemap Build

During this step, we will build out the navigational structure of the site: homepage, about / story page, product categories, product listings, privacy policy, terms of service, and any ancillary pages for the site.  This step takes around 1 – 3 days.*

Step 7: Site / UI Design

This is one of the most important steps of the project.  During this step, we will typically create a wireframe & graphic layout of the homepage, product category pages, product detail pages and ancillary pages. If included in the project scope, we will also design one or more product landing pages. This step will usually take between 7 – 14 days.*

Step 8: Site Build & Integrations

This is the most important step, this is where we get down to business and begin building your ecommerce site. This step usually takes 14 days – 6 months, depending on the nature & complexity of the project.*

Step 9: Functional Prototype Complete

During this step, the site functionality has been built out and is essentially a completed website. 

Step 10: Site Copywriting / Images

During this step, copywriting will be completed and images created for the site.  This is usually completed by you, the client, but we can certainly help here if needed. Whether it’s full copy-writing service or hundreds of product photos, etc.  We can handle it.  This process can take 7 days to 1 month*, depending on your requirements.

Step 11: Initial Development & Integrations Complete

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Step 12: Initial Training

During this step, we will create a series of training videos on how to perform basic backend-functions (resetting user passwords, editing orders, issuing refunds, canceling orders, etc.) of your website.  This step typically takes 1-3 days.*

Step 13: Initial Client Testing

Almost there!  During this step, you will test both the front-end (as a customer) and backend (as a store owner/manager) of the site.  We will guide you through this process.

Step 14: Troubleshooting & Bug Fixes (If Needed)

Step 15: Initial Data Migration (If Applicable)

At this point, the website in nearly ready for launch.  During this step we migrate all of your existing customers and orders into the new site.  The migration process usually takes 1 – 3 days.*

Step 16: Final Testing

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Step 17: Website Launch / Final Data Migration

Time for launch!  During this step we will put your existing site (if applicable) into maintenance mode so it can’t take orders, then make a full backup of the site.  Right after the backup has completed, we’ll launch the new site.  We’ll then do a final migration of any new existing customers / orders that have happened since the initial migration.  This step typically takes 1 – 2 hours* and we’ll do it overnight or other low-traffic period to minimize the affect on your customers.

Step 18: Training (First 30 Days)

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Step 19: Bug Fixes (First 30 Days)

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Step 20: Ongoing Support Contract Signed (Optional)